04 Nov 2017

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German / Dutch symphonic metal band XANDRIA is one of the world wide top 7 female fronted symphonic metal bands. After the successful release of Sacrificium (2014) and their intensive tour with over 150 shows, that took them around the globe, the band just dropped a new inspiring dimension in the world of Xandria: Please welcome Theater Of Dimensions! The new album hit #17 in the official German album charts and succeeded in multiple other international charts as well.


"This new album of XANDRIA is pure magic! This album is magnificent!"
~ Rock Hard, SK/CZ

"Continuing with 2014’s lavish power opus Sacrificium, “Theater Of Dimensions” sees the band take their fantastical arrangements to an even darker place!"
~ Metal Hammer, UK

"An explosion of beauty and romantic decadence: The highlight of an entire career!"
~ Rock Hard, Italy

"'Theater Of Dimensions' is a really fantastic and impressive album. This is the most interesting symphonic metal album in a very long time."
~ Metalized, DK, Thomas Dahlstrøm Larsen,

"Strong melodies, bombastic sound, excelling Dianne: XANDRIA never has been so impressive!"
~ Spark Magazine, CZ

"Taking on the impossible task topping the perfection of 'Sacrificium,' Xandria transcends itself with 'Theater of Dimensions. Xandria has firmly solidified its grip as one of the best bands of the subgenre!"
~ Metal Underground, US

"This album is as grandiose as it is pummelling. Xandria are in every way just as memorable as anything we've heard from Nightwish! If you haven't checked this band out yet, you're missing out on the very best in the genre! Move over Nightwish, Xandria are bound to take the throne with this one! Pure metallic elegance. This... is what operatic metal should be. Unimaginably epic brilliance."
~ New Noise Magazine, US

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