28 Jun 2017

SOUL in the HOLE


Every Wednesday 9 pm

Midnight Colors &
New York Heartbeatz Radio Show On 674fm

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YAWL (Rap, Punk, Alternative) Anette Records
Thavius Beck (Hip-Hop, Electronic, Beat) Big Dada Rec.

While making music over the internet is nothing new in the world or to Denver, Colorado rapper, Ancient Mith. Working with Augsburg, Germany based producer, Dot, has been anything but the presumably mundane files being sent across the world. After spending countless hours booking and completing a 6 week, 35 show European tour, the two continued the focus challenging one another to go beyond the musical boundaries they had set for themselves.
The result is the album "A Pile To Keep, A Pile To Burn".
A dark, yet accessible piece with a storyline of heart break, remorse, angst, growth, and the subtleties there in.

Thavius Beck
is an electronic musician/producer/programmer as well as an electronic music educator who has worked with various artists ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Saul Williams to singer/songwriter Skylar Grey.
His previous works are known for their distinctive sound which melds equal parts rock, hip-hop, soul, jazz, industrial, and electronic music, with a heavy focus on deep bass, sample manipulation, and multi-track recording, showcasing his diverse musical influences with everything he makes.
In addition to making and performing his own music, he has held electronic music workshops in multiple countries, developed curriculum for electronic music programs, regularly gives one-on-one tutorials to private students and various artists, and has worked closely with various companies doing product demonstrations, dealer trainings, beta testing, and showcasing the gear that he is most passionate about.
Thavius has recently worked very closely with Bitwig and Microsoft, showing off the recent addition of a Touch Display Profile in Bitwig that enables unique functionality on touch screen devices such as the Surface Pro.

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