11 Aug 2017

100% Dubwise DnB ♥ Jungle ♥ Positiv Vibes!

Booyaka Booyaka jungle is massive!! ✶ Indoor-Edition

One Love!
Jungle-Session Cologne Crew



Miss Keit (175 Girls / Section 8 Records) [FR/Marseille]
› https://soundcloud.com/misskeit

Mr. Grünkern aka Greencore (bEATPLANTATIOn) [DE/Köln⁠⁠⁠⁠]
› https://soundcloud.com/grunkern

Junglist Raver b2b Count d. (Jungle-Session Cologne) [DE/Köln]
› https://soundcloud.com/dnbpsynova
› https://soundcloud.com/the_real_count

Sonix b2b Syncope (Opus / 12 Zoll - Drum and Bass auf Kölncampus) [DE/Bonn&Köln]
› https://soundcloud.com/djaywakeup
› https://soundcloud.com/syncopecgn

more to be announced.


Let the jungle music play!
no weapons allowed, only love!
Tell a friend!

Gegen Rassismus, Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Rechtsextremismus.

Supported by Stagehand & Event-Kollektiv


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