18 Apr 2018

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Rising from the depths of the underworld, the mysterious producer known as GosT embodies

the character of Baalberith, a prince of Hell, on his propulsive synthwave solo project.

Channeling the occult, '80s slasher flicks, and John Carpenter, GosT occupies the space

amongst the muscular electro-house of Justice, the rhythmic sheen of Perturbator, and the

industrial-dance influence of Dance with the Dead. As a child, the musician behind the mask

was raised in the Bible Belt by a country music-loving father. He was inspired by the

theatricality of Kiss; the beats of M|A|R|R|S; the dark beauty of Depeche Mode, the Cure, and

the Smiths; and pop like Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. He began playing in

metal bands as a teenager, eventually drifting toward electronic dabbling by 1998. His

background would later seep into the GosT sound. Even without guitars, GosT garnered a

sizable fan base within the rock community, with musical progressions, haunting

atmospherics, and a satanic aesthetic plucked directly from the blackest corners of the metal

world. Though his initial electronic work was performed under the Nightrunner moniker, GosT

was born in 2013. After issuing three starter EPs (Radio Macabre, The Night Prowler, and

Nocturnal Shift), GosT expanded to the lengthier short albums Skull and GosT. He released

his debut LP, Behemoth, in 2015, quickly following with Non Paradisi IN 2016,

which was inspired by the fall of Lucifer in Milton's Paradise Lost. On March 23rd 2018,

the lord of slasherwave returns with his most extreme work to date. GosT "Possessor" is a shocking and

aggressive demolition of sound and spirit.

GosT is no longer bringing the listener on a journey through Hell, but rather bringing

Hell to the listener.





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