28 Mai 2017

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pg.lost is a Swedish band of many directions. Their sound is throbbing with great melancholy, but there is also a healthy dose of dirty, crushing rock n’ roll in it — something you will be hard-pressed to find in the ever-growing mass of post rock pabulum.

With their 2nd studio album „In Never Out; originally released in 2009, pg.lost create a dark and vast sonic unique universe of their own. What makes the band so enthralling is that they couldn’t care less about making any part of their music pretty – and yet at the same time, „In Never Out“ as a whole oozes beauty.

With their 3rd studio album „Key“; originally released in 2012, pg.lost have delivered their strongest album to date, moving further into their own sonic territory. A beefy distortion runs through „Key“, but the most enriching stages of the album occur once the dredges of distortion succumb to the cleaner aspect within pg.lost’s instrumentation.

While the band has not been touring Europe much in recent years, they have gathered a big following in Asia, with sold out shows at 800 capacity venues across China on their latest tour. This fall will see the band release a new album, along with extensive touring to support the release – and this time around, also in Europe!

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